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Our relationships with surveying firms allow us to offer a wide range of survey types.

To our clients we can offer valuations for security for mortgage services, using physical Direct Valuations Teaminspection, external drive-by or desktop methodologies.

Customers of our clients are sometimes confused as to why they need a survey and what each survey type entails. We advise them that commissioning a professional survey is the best way to reach an informed decision on all important considerations involved in buying a house.

Different types of surveys are more suitable to different ages and types of properties. We believe that commissioning a survey is a simple and cost effective way to avoiding potentially unpleasant and much more costly surprises after they move in.

We are proud of our innovations
Direct Valuations was the pioneer in developing many of the approaches now commonly accepted in residential and commercial valuation panel management. Our continued success, however, is reliant on our commitment to ensure our clients feel understood and serviced beyond simply meeting their requirement to have Direct valuationsvaluations undertaken in a cost sensitive, prompt and efficient manner. We remain committed to actively improving, adapting and developing our service levels and products.

In 2003 we launched ValNet our own web-based platform, which provides a single view of the valuation process to our clients, surveyors and staff. ValNet manages the process and workflow from receiving the instruction through to report completion and enables a client to remotely monitor progress and ultimately a valuation report on an instruction via the web.

We are experienced at operating both Quest and The Valuation Exchange (xit2) platforms as well as our own ValNet case management and valuation booking system. We are able to offer our clients the choice of platforms to suit their specific requirements.

Being the first valuation panel management business in the UK, we truly believe the service we provide to our clients is most probably the most experienced in the panel management industry.

Operating with the Quest, Xit2 and our own ValNet platforms, we are able to provide the capacity we are able to provide the capacity to clients who deal with these recognised enviroments.

To really experience how our operation functions, we would encourage any lender or mortgage intermediary to visit our offices in Nottingham – just off junction 25 of the M1. We believe the effectiveness of how we organise valuations across the UK will then speak for itself.

Being an independent business we can move extremely quickly to tailor the service we provide to match the requirements of any client. We have our own in-house IT and project teams who will work closely with any new client to make sure the solution we deliver meets all their expectations.

In these difficult times in the housing and mortgage market place, with the PII cover we provide, through our panel management arrangement and the management of the panel surveying firms we use throughout the UK, all our lender clients can rest assured that we have the necessary professional insurance cover in place, just in case there was an issue at some point in the future.

We have the capacity to handle between 150-200,000 valuations a year and again being an agile independent business we can up-size to suit the given market place and the needs of the clients we are working with.

We look forward to meeting any lender or mortgage intermediary who would consider using the services of the UK’s first and largest independent valuation panel manager.

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The Benefits
To our clients and customers we offer: Direct Valuations Team

  • A unique and tailored service to match your requirements
  • A cost effective outsourced management of the survey/ valuation process with potential in-house savings
  • An improved turnaround expectation in report delivery
  • A valuation/ surveying service delivered independently of the sales process National coverage from one point of contact

We aim to take all the pain away from managing and administering local surveying firms on a national basis.

To our panel members we offer:

A promise to allocate work on capabilities and performance Provide access to national clients Assistance with arranging PII cover.

We pride ourselves in our flexibility to meet our clients needs rather than offering an off-the-shelf solution.

Direct Valuations is the only panel manager to offer a client the choice of 3 operating systems, either our own web based ValNet system or the industry standard Quest or Xit2 solutions.Team

Our IT team have a proven record of accommodating either platform to meet client’s requirements with the minimum of disruption.

We believe the secret to a good panel management service is having an effective working relationship with our clients. Our operations are designed along a client focused rather than functional lines. Therefore each client has a support team that manages that workload and priorities are managed in line with each client’s requests. In that way the need to escalate a case can be done via the Client Account Manager as an exception. Otherwise each case is dealt with on a time of arrival basis.

We are particularly pleased at our track record in assisting new entrants to the UK mortgage market with a string of successful start up relationships.

The business was created with the sole intention of providing national panel management of surveying firms. Comprehensive coverage is assured throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Through rigorous selection and performance management techniques, we can call on over 400 surveying firms accredited to our standards, although the core panel of regular suppliers is considerably smaller. Team

Direct Valuations has successfully processed over 150,000 cases in a year. Operating with both the Quest and Xit2 platforms enables us to provide the capacity to clients who deal with either of these environments.

We believe that a panel management service offers a client the opportunity to stand back from the normal operational difficulties that any surveying business suffers from during periods of holidays, sickness, staff turnover or loss of performance focus. This is our responsibility.

The allocation of instructions and the continued membership of the DV panel is subject to on-going review based on performance and turnaround times achieved. We aim to reward successful performance with more instructions while maintaining a balance with the need for coverage in less active areas of the country. Direct Valuations Team

We are continually developing the working relationships with our panel members to ensure instructions are efficiently and effectively received and handled in the timescales required. Our panel management processes ensure that the most experienced local Surveyors are selected, thereby providing a quick response with clear advice. We use our management information to monitor the level of work allocation to our panel members.

We continually review the acceptance delivery and any declination of instructions. In this way, it is possible to identify quickly any opportunities for service improvements in postcode allocations, or any need for additional panel coverage. Failure to meet service levels can lead to the firm/ surveyor being placed on ‘hold’ until standards resume and ultimately failure to meet service standards can result in removal from the panel.

Professional quality is monitored through our panel management team, with the use of centralised sampling of reports and the auditing of our panel members. In this way we are able to scrutinise the quality of information collected at the time of the property inspection, the clarity and suitability of advice given in the survey or valuation report, and the quality of supporting comparable evidence.

All appointments to membership of the panel require the completion of a detailed application pack and an interview to underline quality requirements, processes and support systems. If all our criteria is satisfied, an appointment will be made, subject to ongoing regular review and acceptance of our quality control and audit procedures. It is strict policy that our panel members are current Chartered Surveyors and adhere to the RICS Code of Conduct. In addition, evidence of appropriate insurance cover (minimum £1m) is a requirement prior to entry onto our panel.

Direct Valuations is the only panel manager to offer a client the choice of 2 operating platforms, either our own web-based ValNet system or the industry standard Quest solution.

Direct Valuations Head OfficeValNet provides a single view of the valuations and survey instruction process to our clients, surveyors and staff. ValNet manages the process and workflow from instruction through to report completion.

Developed in conjunction with Vertex and designed to perform in today’s ‘fast moving’ economy, ValNet’s robust and resilient architecture offers 24x7x365 access to all instruction cases. ValNet is a secure process management system having handled over 500,000 instructions to date.

We have also developed our systems infrastructure and staff capabilities to afford use of the alternative Quest and Xit2 systems for those clients with existing processes that wish to remain on these platforms.

Our technology teams have a proven record of accommodating either platform to meet a client’ requirements with the minimum of fuss.

Quality is a key issue for the management of the business. To ensure integration of the business aims and deliverables the company undertook the rigorous assessment required for Quality Assurance and hold an accreditation from Moody International for ISO 9001. Team

The award cover all aspects of the business from recruitment and training of staff through operational and accounting processes and onto panel management activities. The Quality Policy ensures all processes follow a policy and are documented for staff training and operational management issues.

Each process is subject to regular audit and review with external auditing at a 6 monthly period. As well as improving operational performance the Quality activities of the business provide a benchmark for improvement activities.

Direct Valuations can provide a complete range of management reports Direct Valuations Head Officetailored to suit your own specific requirements. We work with all our clients on bespoke projects and will run and create one off ad hoc reports when required.

Direct Valuations trends and tracks information on number of instructions, service and performance level achieved as well as management complaints/ issues.


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